Blowmould Water Storage Tanks

KIng Plus Leaflet

Sheetal Suraksha Plus Water Storage Tanks

Capacity in Litres Outer Dia.
Overall Height (mm)* Manhole Diameter
500 865 1050 400
750 950 1300 400
1000 1100 1350 400
1500 1165 1650 400
2000 1390 1670 400
*Dimension may vary
  • Extra Strong and Durable
  • High Density
  • Virgin HDPE
  • FDA Compliant
  • Insect & Dust Free
*Against manufacturing defects only

Sheetal Suraksha Plus water tanks are manufactured using the latest technology - Blow Moulding. This process involves a flow of high density molten plastic into a mould. The plastic is then treated with a current of air, thus forcing it to expand & take the shape of a mould. Suraksha Plus water tanks are manufactured with Food Grade Material which ensures purity of water being stored in the tank. These tanks are also a perfect example of high quality, strength & durability.