Sheetal Dumper Trucks

Sheetal Conical Chemical Tank

Refuse Collector Truck

Serial No. Description Details
1. Volume Capacity 6.0-8.0 CuM
2. Loading Capacity of Hopper 1.1 CuM
3. Bin Handling Capacity 0.6 to 1.1 Cum Steel Fabricated or Plastic Bins
4. Loading Hydraulic from Rear
5. Unloading By Tipping or by Push Plate
6. Hydraulic system  
  Hydraulic Pump Gear Pump, 200 Kg./cm², 9.0 GPM
  Valves Mono Block Directional Spool Valves
  Hyd Oil Tank Capacity 80 Ltr.
  For Push Plate 2 Nos Double Acting
  For Bin Lifting 2 Nos Double Acting
  For Tipping/Push Plate 2 Nos Double Acting Telescopic two stage or 1 No. Telescopic for Push Plate
7. Safety Features Overload Protection valve, Load Holding Valve, Oil Filters for clean oil in the circuit
*Dimension can be changed