Innumerable ways to make every day better - the Sheetal Dustbins range.


We offer one of the widest range of Bio Medical Waste Bins in India. Made with superior quality plastic (LLDPE), these bins are suitable for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and medical rooms. These bins are specifically designed & color coded so that the waste separation is easier and free of health risks. They come in multiple sizes, shapes and combinations to fulfill any need that may arise.


Foot Operated Bins

Sheetal Foot Operated Bins

Litre Top ( LxB) Bottom ( LxB) Height Total Height
10 300 x 170 mm 290 x 160 mm 270 mm 365 mm
15 340 x 200 mm 290 x 180 mm 320 mm 390 mm
20 360 x 225 mm 330 x 185 mm 325 mm 420 mm
30 400 x 250 mm 400 x 210 mm 450 mm 530 mm
  • Material:- Roto Mould LLDPE, SS and MS Frame

Here is a list of features that make these bins the choice of a large population of people.