Innumerable ways to make every day better - the Sheetal Dustbins range.


Best for installation on roads, within malls, factories and corporates. Made with the best ingredients, these bins are weather & UV resistant and therefore last for very long periods. Available in different colours and multiple sizes, these bins are actually the most versatile, capable of satisfying all waste management requirements.


Floor Mounted Garbage Bins (SVRP)

Sheetal Floor Mounted Garbage Bins (SVRP)

Litre Top ( LxB) Bottom ( LxB) Height  
100 475 x 475 mm 400 x 400 mm 620 mm  
150 520 x 520 mm 430 x 430 mm 700 mm  
200 560 x 560 mm 460 x 460 mm 820 mm  
  • Material:- Roto Mould LLDPE with MS Frame
  • Size:- Available in Single and Double Pot

Here is a list of features that make these bins the choice of a large population of people.